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Battle of otherworldly Beauties!

Single player puzzle game!

Fierce Player vs CPU battles and multiple game modes!

A nice challenge...

and best of all:

it's an Eroge!

-Humilliation for the defeated! (Girl on Girl)

-Femdom! (Girl on Orc)

-Domination! (Orc on Girl)

...and several other themes sprinkled throughout!


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Game Modes


Choose your favorite heroine/villainess!

Discover their story!

Defeat all the others, one by one, unlocking gallery images!

Find out what brought them together!


Navigate to the bottom of randomly placed pieces and break the special block to win!

But be careful, breaking the trap blocks will bury you!

Each girl has their own scene, having her way with the Orc!


Be the Orc and take revenge! Each girl has a weakness for a certain element, destroy that element and she will lose Hit Points! But be quick! You only got two minutes!


-Caravan mode is a score attack! Break the record within two minutes!

-Endless mode is a free form, just play around!

Game Rules


There are 4 types of blocks: WATER, FIRE, AIR and EARTH.

Each block can be erased by playing the element that beats it on top of it.

Erase enough blocks and TROUBLE blocks will fall on your opponent.

If a TROUBLE block fall on you, destroy it by erasing an element BESIDE it.

Whoever gets their screen filled, loses!

Good luck!

In PUZZLE MODE, there are two more special blocks: TRAP blocks should NOT be destroyed, and you win by destroying the VICTORY block



These characters will show up in my future projects too! I hope you like them!

Infinity Warrior: Atalanta

Minako was a student with a passion for improving her physical form.

She felt excluded at school because boys were afraid of her, and girls teased her for her "ugly, muscular body".

So she did not think twice when an invitation from another world arrived right at her feet, in the form of a magic sword: Leethas, the divider!

She's now known as the heroine Atalanta!

Jenny, E.S.P. Cop

Far in the future, experiments in bio-engineering to develop better humans were common.

With the intent to find the highest psychic and intuition levels, scientists mixed the sixth sense from women to the supernatural instinct of cats.

Jenny is the result of one of those experiments, and thanks to that, she could get her dream job: Space investigator!

Magical Girl Yoshiko

This girl has seen better days in her "dating career" (paid dating, by the way) and just when she thought it was the end of the line, a teddy bear flew by and offered  her a very nice deal: crazy magical powers for a few wet jobs done! She agreed, after all, the entire thing is just some coccaine indulced allucination... right? What could go wrong?


Nu Nind, plumflower elf

Coming from a world of rainbow skies and sparkling lakes, Nu Nind is a guardian of the woods to loves nothing more than counting petals and playing with butterflies... but one day, a terrible curse was cast over the entire elven population, one that could cause the extinction of his race!
Now, conjuring all bravery possible, Nu Nind will try to find a cure for this condition or die trying!


Fawn, the motherly summoner

Spending the days at her magical shop, and the nights in company of her interdimensional "friends", Fawn is always interested in new ways to "have fun"... even if that means crushing and/or vaporizing someone. Now, what do you think she did when a portal to a new realm appeared in her backyard?


Brulle, irresistible delicacy

Created as a biological payload to a weapon of mass destruction, this amorphous alien preys on living beings on it's most basic instinct: eating.

Brulle can digest almost anything from inside out in a matter of hours from a single bite at her body.

Such cruel tactic almost erradicated both sides of an intergalactical war, for no one could resist her delicious flavor.

Expelled into deep space, she found herself freed upon the ground of an ongoing elemental battle!


Grendette, juvenile fiend

An underdeveloped chimera that turned against its creator, his assistants, and all his staff. Their destiny? Devoured alive, for this creature is pure hunger!

Well, not only hunger, because it also likes to play and sleep...


Pazuza, ruthless custodian

Pazuza bears the burden of being called a traitor by her infernal sisters... but it is all to survive and to find a way to turn the tables on the ones who conquered their land and imprisoned them in barns!


Game Demo


Please try the demo version

to confirm compatibility


DLsite has mosaic style censorship to comply with current japanese laws.


Video ancora


Game Designer/ Character creator/

Producer / Programmer


Game scenes and SD Illustrator


Extra Illustrations

doctor zexxck

tirnanog industries

Author: YouFulca

Icons provided under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY
Carl Olsen,




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